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8-21-13 Tickle

I am very thankful for the servant hearts in this church who make the church of Jesus Christ "go." For example, I see a renovated Fundamentals (Children's Ministry) Room in the CEC lower level and I am thankful. I see those brightly decorated CEC rooms ready for preschool and I am thankful. I see a newly mulched church campus and I am thankful. I see weeds disappear and trees trimmed and I am thankful. I see a picnic appear in the park for the faith family last week and I am thankful. I see grass that is growing at an all-time record pace - newly cut - and I am thankful. None of those things alone are too earth shattering. I see a group of people volunteering to help get the picture taking of all who worship here done and I am thankful. I see almost 500 adults are signed up for the Fall Oasis cycle made possible by an army of servant hearts working behind the scenes to prepare the way and I am thankful! Yet, combined together, along with all the other servant work done through this place of grace is nothing short of miraculous! THANK YOU for your acts of service that make Christ's body on earth "go."

Pictorial Directory: You can do this!

It's crunch time! If you worship here all or even just part of the year - call Evelyn at 706-745-2073 to get your free session scheduled! The camera survived the Burgess Family sitting last night! You can do this!

Wednesday Night Live (TONIGHT!)

Dinner starts at 6 pm. Ro and the Robinettes are providing a baked potato bar, salad and other goodies. Don't miss out. Come join us in the MAC tonight. Instead of the adult Bible Study, we will stay in the MAC for a Bauman Family Musical Concert from 6-7 pm. Bring a friend and come!

Leap of Faith: (Because I believe in your hearts!)

We are doing "SOMETHING DIFFERENT" tonight. The dinner is free for everyone. Pastor mark will explain that as we gather at 5 pm before the opening prayer. However, a basket will be provided at the door so that anyone can make donations to help us defray the cost of preparing this meal for all who come. Come be filled with God's goodness and let your generosity SHINE!

Let the Record Show!

We celebrated Holy Communion this last Sunday at both services. Thank you for your overwhelming positive feedback on the addition of the sung responses within the Communion liturgy and the addition of the Congregational singing while receiving Holy Communion. We celebrated in Word and Table in 55 minutes at 9 am with two standing stations and in 64 minutes at 11 am with three standing stations. We understand the first priority is to encounter God - but we also are being sensitive to the morning schedule and striving to worship in 60 minutes. Thank you for your patience as we fine tune our approach!
Beloved Family Members:
Help us stay in touch with Margaret and Glenn Fite as they move away from Blairsville to be with family in Seattle, Washington. Also help us stay in touch with Fred and Judy Cone who moved to Clemson, SC to be with family. We are very thankful for our shared time together in Blairsville and we wish them all the best!

 Prayer Concerns:

(This is not a complete list - just immediate prayer needs of just this coming week for the immediate faith family)

  • Paul and June Colditz - unexpected cardiac death of their son Darryl here in Blairsville last night. No arrangements have been made yet. The extended family is still gathering together today. We will communicate arrangements once they have been made. Please keep all the Colditz family in your prayers
  • James Metcalf - continued healing
  • Charley Wooten - back pain and severe nose bleeds requiring multiple trips to the ER
  • Bev Cardell is recovering under the care of her daughter - still waiting on pathology report from surgery
  • Everyone undergoing rehab/healing from recent procedures!
  • Our expecting Mommies - surround all our expecting Mommies as a prayer habit of this church
  • Phil Hill is waiting a later doctor visit to discuss reduced kidney function (8-28)
  • Those fighting Cancer: Valerie Metcalf, Judy Stancil, Bill Cross, John Moon

CEC has begun the 2013/2014 School Year:

Please keep the 82 families who are being touched by your CEC Preschool in your prayers. I thank everyone who made the church campus ready to receive them! While I was greeting the families at "Meet the Teacher" Day last week, I heard many comments on how wonderful the church looks - IT MATTERS! I also invite you to put our amazing CEC team on your fridge or near your Bible so you can pray for them OFTEN. They are Martha Cone, Jamie Rowe, Lynn Drost, Mary Neil Edge, Brandy Parton, Jessica Frechette, Susan Adams, Mary Ruth Cook, Brenda Malloy, Lisa Truex, Cheryl Arndt. Forgive me ladies if your new pastor mispelled any of your names - God knows who the prayers are for!!!!

Children's Ministry News:

One of my most favorite Bible stories is when the Lord calls Samuel. Samuel, just a young boy, is lying in bed and hears his name being called. He runs to Eli and says "Here I am" but Eli tells Samuel that he did not call him and to go back to bed. This occurs two more times when Eli finally realizes that it is the Lord who is calling Samuel. Eli tells Samuel to go back to bed and when he hears his name being called again, he should respond with "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." It was then that Eli's ears were opened up to the Lord. I know that so many times, God has called to me and I did not realize it was the Lord calling me - I was more focused on whether my house was clean or dinner was cooked or what my weekend was going to look like. I was not listening! Once I was able to settle down and really listen, I did hear God, telling me where I should focus my energy and my time - ON HIM and SERVING HIM! I often falter and don't hear him calling to me and that is when the feelings of being overwhelmed and unfocused come into play....it is then that I realize that I am trying once again to gain control instead of listening to him and the plans he has for me! Children's Ministry is in need of volunteers! We need Sunday School teachers, Children's Church leaders, Nursery volunteers and Fundamentals After School Program volunteers! Does God have a plan for you in Children's Ministry? First's Kids are AWESOME!!!! They love and laugh and know how to have a great time! Come join us....We have a place for you!
Speaking of First's Kids ~ WE ARE BUSY!!!! Wednesday, (TODAY), from 3:00 until 4:45, we are slipping and sliding into the new school year. Join us at the top of the hill, behind the playground where we will have a big slip and slide set up (weather permitting). Be sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes if you are planning on staying for dinner. We will not do school pick up on this day! Parents, pick up will be between 4:45 and 4:55 so that those who are staying for dinner can get down to the MAC. August 28th kick's off Fundamentals! We begin after school pick up and program from 3:00 until 5:00! We will be meeting in the newly renovated Fundamentals room which is located in the downstairs area of the Children's Wing! More information will be sent out! If you are interested in signing your child or children up for our after school program, please see Melinda Weldon or call her at 706-781-7153 or email Melinda.
11 am Service Acolyte Invitation! (from Melinda Weldon - Children's Ministry Director)
As you may or may not know, I am preparing for an Acolyte training for our up and coming Acolytes! I want to share with you a Bible verse that I feel is very fitting and hope that you will share with your kids. The verse comes from Ephesians ~ So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. Eph. 4:12. One of my missions and personal goals for this ministry is to encourage and teach our kids to have a servant's heart, to want to serve others and to share in the glory of God while serving. A great starting place is serving as an acolyte within the Church. This is an opportunity for our children to serve their Church and to have an important part of our worship service. Because we also know that growing into a life of service starts early, we have decided to open our acolyte program up to our little ones as well. We are going to include this bunch of kiddos in being a part of our service and to begin learning how special it is to serve others. We are really focused on making our Acolyte program a very special part of our kids lives! If your child is a first grader through a senior in High School and you would like for them to be part of the Acolyting program - please let me know. We are not going to stop at the 6th grade level. Thank you so much for all of your support and your loving guidance!

FUMC Youth News:

On Wednesday (today) the youth will have a slip and slide from 6:00-7:15. We will be on top of the hill where the big play ground is. Youth can come after school if they want, but they have to find their own ride to church. We will be in the youth room downstairs in the MAC. Parents, please be upstairs in the MAC at 7:15 to pick up your youth. We will be having MYF this Sunday. We are having our back to school pool party at the Rogers' house from 4:00-7:00. Food and drink will be provided. Bring your friends!!! See Amy, Robert, or Laura Beth Rogers for directions.
Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF)
MYF is every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 6-8 pm in the MAC unless otherwise communicated.
Youth Sunday School meets downstairs in the MAC in room M7 at 10 am.
Youth Wednesday Nights starts at 3 pm with an afterschool program followed by dinner at 5 pm and then service starting at 6 pm in the Youth room downstairs in the MAC. We will launch our Fall session on the 28th of August with the band "Serenity" performing. Don't miss out! Come check us out or email me if you or your youth have any questions. We love to bring new youth into the group. Parents, encourage your youth to get involved. Youth, please bring your friends!   -Zach Thompson

OASIS is Approaching: Quickly

First OASIS Session is Thursday - Sept 5. So many have been doing so much to make this truly a movement of God! We are ready to launch!

Now this is Crafty!

There is a group of people in our church who move seamlessly behind the scenes. They show up at times when things just need to get done. They embody the servant heart of Christ. They are our Crafty (not Crazy) Ladies. They serve in many places and at many times but are usually found Friday mornings plotting their next move! They are 12 right now. They have a Lord and Savior who has discipled them and now asks that they disciple others who disciple others who disciple others. If you want to know more about what the Crafty Ladies do, email Ceil Jordan jordanceil@windstream.net

The FUMC Harvest Festival is Coming!

Plans are underway to prepare this year's FUMC Harvest Festival (the Bazaar) on Friday October 11 from 9-4 and Saturday October 12 from 9-1. Save those dates and start looking for your donations to this amazing Bake sale, BBQ, Craft and Stuff Event. Perhaps your group can come along side this and turn it into something even bigger this year. The proceeds go towards advancing the financial stability of FUMC. This is a huge opportunity to touch many people during the initial weekend of the Sorghum Festival. Come get involved. Mark it on your calendar!

God's Joy,

Through our service God will reach people, touch souls, change hearts and launch disciples

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